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There are currently 2 books available for sale in the marketplace. If you would like to sell a used philosophy book(s), please send email to me, and be sure to include the information in the instructions at the Used Philosophy Books Marketplace Homepage.

Used Philosophy Books Selling:

  1. Isocratis: Quae Exstant Omnia
    Gulielmus Stephanus Dobson
    London: J.F. Dove
    hardcover with thin leather layer
    has commentary in Latin
    good condition--binding is not broken, slight deterioration in leather
    Contact: Dan Wildeson
  2. Gorgias (Plato)
    E.R. Dodds (revised text with intro and commentary)
    Oxford: Clarendon Press
    1976 (reprint of 1959)
    like new
    Contact: Dan Wildeson
  3. From: Michael S. for sell
    1. Gilson, Etienne: History of Christian Philosophy in the Middle Ages; Random House, NY, 1955. 1st U.S. Edition, Hardcover, 830pp. Very Good cond. Some wear on the cover, small markings on inside cover, otherwise clean. $40.00
    2. Malcolm, Norman: Ludwig Wittgenstein: A Memoir; Oxford University Press, London, 1962. 1st Paperback Edition, 100pp. With Biographical Sketch by Georg Henrik von Wright. Good cond. Wear at edges and spine. Owner's name on first page. All else clean. $8.00
    3. Foucault, Michel: The Archaeology of Knowledge & The Discourse on Language; Pantheon Books, NY, 1982. Trade Paper, 245pp. Translated from French by A.M. Sheridan Smith. Excellent cond. $8.00
    4. Derrida, Jacques: Monolingualism of the Other OR The Prosthesis of Origin; Stanford Univ. Press, Stanford, CA, 1998. Trade Paper, 98pp. Cultural Memory in the Present series. Translated by Patrick Mensah. Excellent cond. $7.00
    5. Burger, Peter: Theory of the Avant-Garde; Univ. of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, 1996. Trade Paper, 135pp. Theory and History of Literature, Volume 4. Translation from German by Michael Shaw. Foreword by Jochen Schutle-Sasse. Very Good cond. Little wear around the edges, otherwise clean. $7.00

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